I LOVE two music instrument. Drumms and Piano. Unfortuneley i dont have time for both to practice. I practise only Drumms 5 to 6 hour per week. When i was a kid about 10-12 years old i had a piano teacher, but he was too serious for teaching a kid then after 1 year or two i stoped taking lesseons from him.  at age 18  i began drumming my teacher was in tehran so i had to go to tehran every 2 or 3 weeks to go to him. For two years i okayed with training pads, and then i bought a drumm set Yamaha, red one. so i practice drumming for 4 years till i finished my university. During my univeristy years i got piano teacher a young one he was really good teacher and more friendly than when i was a kid. after than i had to go to military traning so i could not play anymore. after my military traning i sold my drumm set. I came to the Netherlands for to study. During my master at TU Delft i followed some piano lessens again. and also Drumm lessons. But becaus of study i could not continue. During my graduation i had more time, so follow drumm course again which is continuing also at the moment. I go to the my univeristy at cultural center, there they have rooms for practice every music instrument. there are total4 drumm sets in 4 rooms that can be reserved. Drumming and my life style has a direct relation with each other. My Style is Heavy Metal. Heavy metal music get all my energy and after hard practice i feel relaxed. It is essential for me to practice at least 5 hours per week. Playing drumms is like goying to the gym. It is a practice for my brain it gives harmony between mind and my hands and feet.  Some of the heavy metal bands that i like to play are as following:

1- Metalica
2- Pantera
3- Black Sabbath
4- System of down

I play drumms alwasy with the use of drumm sheets and metronom. drum sheets i find at or .

I have some books that i also practice, extra to the books that my teacher at TU Delft give me. the following books are the books that at the moent i use them:


I go to the university three times per week so one or two days i practice mostly these books, and the third day i practice also with music. i use my Mp3 player and with drumm sheets of the heaavymetal bands , and try to play or practice difference grooves.

My planes for the futre iss buy a double kick pedal to be able to focuse more into Heavy metal music, and further just practice and practice.

Ive made two foto’s from the drum set onwhich i practice . Now i work i have not much time to practice, i go one day during working days in week ,after work  for two hours and one time in weekend for 2:30 or 3 hours to practice. so 4, 5 hours per week is a proper amount of practice time i think.


I have a plan for future about drumming and that is to buy a double pedal kick i really like to go deeper in heavy metal, and double kick is a must in this genre.


Here is my teacher at Tu Delft campus Mr Wytze van der Zweep. He is a really good teacher and was cool to take foto and cool to let me use his foto here.  the other two persons are two other student leargning from him…. there are 6 drum sets and now we are only 3 student at this level… to be continued…

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Life & music “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato