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Name of Health club Location description of training website Date
Body Line Delft If i have to wokr every day, I try to go on weekends. from 2010 till Feb 2014
Basic Fit Delft If i have to wokr every day, I try to go on weekends. Feb 2014 till now
|Types of training that i do during the year distance rout
3 times per week, short root(30 minutes) 5 km Root1
3 times per week , long root(45) 8 km Root1 Root 2 Root 3
1 time per week ,very long root(1 hour and 20 12 km root1
Latest records till 6 september 2012  
till 11 october2012
till 2 december 2012
till 24 Feb 2013
MARATHONS 2013 2014 2015 2016
Leiden Leiden foto1 foto2 foto3

city pier city




Royal ten 2014

foto1, foto2

rotterdam Leiden
Noordwijk Noordwijk(foto 1, foto 2)



25 BIG Berlin

haastrechtloop rotterdam harbour(foto1, foto2, foto3) Royal ten 2015 Triathlon 1
Balijloop Dam tot Dam (foto1, foto2 )




  Triathlon amsterdam(foto1, foto2) Triathlon Amsterdam Triathlon 2
  TCS amsterdam foto1, foto2 dam tot dam Noordwijk
      Royal ten

Since june 2014 ive bought a race bycicle "Miranda".During the week i go for 20 km cycling. and in weekend also 22 km cycling.

Normal root of my cycling is here. whic is almost 22 km

Root with colleges which ive done in 2014 is here....

max speed of mine is....

long root of mine is here which is almost 100 km